Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage, which is commonly known as Medicare Part C, is an option you can enroll in once enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Medicare Advantage plans can be a great option for some, but is it the right option for you? Let the experts with Locate Medicare Insurance help you look at all of your Medicare options to find the plan that meets your needs today!

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What Does Medicare Advantage Cover?
Medicare Advantage plans are required to provide the same coverage as Original Medicare, but they may also provide additional coverage for:
Coverage like this can be very beneficial to have, so if you’re one of the individuals who thinks they could benefit from being enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, then let’s take a look at the plan options that could be available to you!
Types of Medicare Advantage Plans
Depending on the area you live, there could be many Medicare Advantage options available. The most common plan types include:
Health Maintenance Organization

(HMO Plans)

HMO plan members are required to use the plan’s in-network providers. Using providers outside of the plan’s network can result in no coverage, unless it’s an emergency. Plan members must also choose a primary care physician and receive referrals to see specialists. The limit for only using in-network providers keeps costs very low.

Preferred Provider Organization

(PPO Plans)

PPO plans have more flexibility than HMOs, but will cost more. Plan members can receive coverage if they see providers who are in or outside of the plan network. However, expect to pay more by using out-of-network providers. Plan members will not have to choose a primary care physician or get referrals.

Special Needs Plan


SNPs tailor their benefits to meet the needs of their plan members. Because of this, only certain individuals can qualify for a SNP. This includes individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid (D-SNP), who have chronic and disabling conditions (C-SNP), or who live in an institution, such as a nursing home (I-SNP).

Private Fee-For-Service

(PFFS Plans)

PFFS plans will determine what they pay to hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers, and how much you will pay when you receive care or treatment. You can typically receive care from any doctor if they accept your plan’s terms. You also won’t have to choose a primary care physician or get referrals.

Medicare Medical Savings Account

(MSA Plans)

MSA plans work similar to Health Savings Accounts. MSAs will combine a high-deductible plan with a medical savings account that can be used to pay your healthcare costs. The plan will deposit money into the account for you to use. With MSA plans, you can generally choose the provider you want to receive care from.

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